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Motivational Talking

Overcoming such adversity, adapting to a new way of achieving things, shows what is possible if you put your mind to it. Josh links his life experiences to daily tasks such as chopping an onion, putting a glove on and competing in sport at international level. He can turn a negative into a positive and show that making a choice, committing to it and taking action, determines the trajectory of where you want to go with your life. 

School Talks​

Josh has spoken to many Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Colleges. He uses the 'Teach, Learn, Teach' approach and likes to engage his audience. Josh will talk about his story and what happened in a lighter way and will then use every day scenarios to talk to them about choice and commitment. Josh can help students overcome worrying and stressful times with a calm and positive focus, giving them small steps to work on to help them achieve their goals. When things haven't gone quite to plan he will explain how he overcame adversity, how he utilised resilience  and made a strong plan to move forward; life tools applicable in any situation.

Sport Clubs and Team Talks​

Josh played football from a very young age; it was one of his main passions in life along with other sports. Now, no longer able to play football, he has looked at what sports he can do to keep fit and challenge himself. Josh will talk to the teams when they need a bit of a boost, how to adapt and overcome when things aren't going quite to plan and how to be resillient no matter what.

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