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David Willetts, Defence Editor at The Sun Newspaper

Josh Boggi is unique, and totally brilliant.

I've never met anyone so matter of fact about something that is so horrendously traumatic - it defies belief.
According to all medical wisdom, that bomb should have killed him, and his injuries should have broken him, both physically and emotionally. It's hard to comprehend what he has endured.
But Josh didn't die - and he has not been broken. In fact the opposite. He has conquered enormous physical pain and physical change and cracked on. No self pity, no arrogance, no hint of victimhood, just graft, grit and guts.


Watching Josh receive The Sun's Overcoming Adversity Millie from Sir Bradley Wiggins in 2013 remains one of my fondest memories of the Millies ever. In typical fashion, while everyone was in awe of Sir Brad - Sir Brad was in awe of Josh.


That bomb should have wrecked Josh's life - but it didn't - because he didn't let it crush his soul. He's also a top bloke for a beer with.

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