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"Josh Boggi – the very definition of motivational speaking


I met Josh when we rode on the Big Battlefield Big Ride in 2017 together (well, at least when he rode in front of me), and I knew he was the only person I wanted to speak to our global team at our Corporate Strategy Day. We talk about our brand, Antler, being “authentic and full of the famous British sense of humour”, and this is also a great way to define Josh. Not only is his story both humbling and inspirational in equal measure, but his indefatigable, upbeat nature and fantastic sense of comic timing brought a different level of energy to the event.  In layman’s terms, he’s a top bloke! "

David Sharman CEO Antler Ltd UK

3 (RSME) Royal School of Military Engineering 


A truly inspirational talk by a bloke who has come back from a situation that left him at rock bottom. Bodge captured the audience within seconds with his calm and collected style of public speaking, describing his journey and road to success not only in detail but also with humour. 


His focus on “choices” throughout the talk was something that one could apply to their professional or personal life at that very moment.  Truly proud to share the same Sqn ethos as this bloke and it was an honour to listen to him speak.


“Have you ever tried chopping an onion with one hand?... no because you can’t! It’s impossible!..... does this get me down?.... No !!... I just buy chopped onions!”

Squadron Sergeant Major WO2 Joe Walker Royal Engineers, Airborne

Bredon School 


Josh Boggi visited us at Bredon School, Gloucestershire to speak to our Sixth Form students as part of their enrichment course, and succeeded in enriching the lives of everyone who met him during his visit, which was all too brief.

In arranging his visit, my objective was for Josh to motivate the students to approach their individual challenges with renewed vigour and determination, but he did so much more.

It was incredible to hear not only how he overcame his initial life-changing experience which coincided with having reached the pinnacle of his career in the army, but also how he picked himself up following a number of set-backs, moving on with even more grit and determination. 

His talk is delivered with honesty and integrity, and he clearly has a great sense of humour, putting everyone in the room at their ease. The students described him as “…truly inspirational!” “What an amazing guy!” “I feel guilty because I don’t have a challenge I’m working towards. I’m going to change that!”

Josh certainly has a special kind of magic which he delivers in abundance and I it was a privilege to have been in his company. I look forward to the next time.

Pip Adams, Teacher of Science and Head of Sixth Form